Welcome to a whole new world of dancing art!

Endless fun dancing
Thorough body workout
Great teamwork experience
Confidence build-up
Culture Immersing

Our Mission

XingJian Dance Studio is committed to promoting the art of classic Chinese dances as well as Latin dances for all ages and races.

Our mission is to inspire and enrich our students with the dance art along with cultivating proper posture, music awareness, and overall coordination.

In addition to our annal studio recital, all students are encouraged to participate in various performances and events as a way to showcase their achievements and at the meantime contribute to our community.

Our studio actively participates in dance competitions such as Spotlight Dance Cup (both regional & national) and national talent hunts, and has won top awards in various categories.

Studio At A Glance

Xingjian Dance Studio was founded in 2002. It holds practices in several locations, including Learning Tree at Carmel Valley, and ICL at 4S Ranch and HuaXia Chinese School at Mirama College etc. Xingjian Dance Studio has been training more than 600 students, and has its own dance performing team which has 15+ members and is actively involved in our community activities all year long.

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